PANAMIN by Agroteo

Panamin – Anti-Stress Product and Growth Stimulator

Panamin Austria

7 reasons why Panamin works

7 reasons why Panamin works

Advantages for the plants:

  • Tolerance to drought
  • Tolerance to freezing
  • Boosted immunity to pest (diseases and foes) attacks
  • More voluminous and quickly growing green mass
  • Significant improvement of the root system
  • Improvement of the plant's immune system
  • Growth stimulator

Safe application

  • 2-6 applications depending on the crop (recommended solution concentration 0.5%)
  • Application interval of 10-14 days from phase 4-6 leaf, at temperatures of 8-28ºC
  • No protection clothing required
  • No overdosing possible
  • No expiration date
  • Suitable for any crop


  • SiO2 – immunostimulator to fight biotic and abiotic stress
  • CO2 – for photosynthesis – fresh green color and almost no diseases
  • CaO helps where required and guarantees growth
  • Magnesium – quality, strength and immunity


  • Optimization of the pH value of soil and plants = Guarantee for solubility of the micro and macro elements
  • Improvement of soil structure


  • Significantly increased yields (10-40%)
  • Extended storage period – up to 200%
  • Homogeneous yield – 80% of the yield may be sold at the highest price
  • Better quality and better taste due to the higher content of glucose

Organic (biological)

  • Organically (biologically) pure yield
  • Significant decrease of plant protection
  • Produce without residual substances (for export)


  • Significantly increased yield
  • High produce quality
  • Reduced cost by reduction of the usage of other substances

Application of Panamin

Ingredients of Panamin®

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