PANAMIN by Agroteo

Application of Panamin®

Panamin® g/decare water l/decare g/decare
Autumn crops 300-450 2/3 x 150 20-40
Spring crops 300 2 x 150 20-40
Essential-oil crops 600 4 x 150 20-40
Fruits and vegetables 750 5 x 150 20-100
Vineyards 900 6 x 150 20-100
Beans and chickpea 600 4 x 150 20-50
Seedlings 5g per 1l of H2O
Seed treatment 5g per 1kg of seed



  • Paper bags of 15 kg and 6 kg
  • Palettes of 750 kg


  • When mixed with other treatments, always add LAST
  • Dissolve in the sprinkler mixer or in a separate pot - to homogeneous mixture
  • Time/temperature: morning/evening, at temperatures of 8-28ºC
  • To be protected from rain-washing for 2-4 hours
  • PANAMIN® may be sprinkled individually or together with all conventional plant protection solutions while maintaining pH level of the solution less than 3.4. PANAMIN® is not to be mixed with acidic solutions because a reaction with calcium occurs


PANAMIN® should be stirred in the sprinkler’s mixer or separate beforehand in an event of such one missing, The sprinkling machines should move with their mixing device continuously switched on.

  • For treatment, it is sufficient to have conventional sprinkling machines, pressure of 4-6 atmospheres, nozzles should be less than 0,3 mm
  • No adhesives required
  • Treatment speed: Ideal at 5-8 km/h, wind less than 3-5 m/s


Extremely easy to dissolve and does not contaminate the machinery.
Compatible for use with all types of solutions and fertilizers, except acid based ones (<pH 3,4).

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