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Panamin – Immune booster for All Types of Crops

Bio Product & Friend of the Bees & OMRI Products List©

Licensed for organic agriculture according to Regulation EEC No. 834/2007 and 889/2008 / OMRI Listed Product 2021


What is Panamin

PANAMIN® is an innovative and unique mixture of rock flours that is manufactured from natural Austrian volcanic rocks and minerals, and is intended for remineralization of plants and soils through leaf application.

PANAMIN® is a natural, 100% organic mineral mix which remineralizes plants and soil in the form of suspension. CALCIUM and MAGNESIUM CARBONATE as major ingredients allow to speed-up and extend photosynthesis through the release of CO2. The other major ingredient, SILICON DIOXIDE, allows for increased immune response from the crops, as well as to affect favourably the pH-level of plants and soil. This makes PANAMIN® a complex acting growth and immune system stimulator.

The Austrian product PANAMIN® complies with the highest manufacturing requirements and offers every user and crop a modern, organic solution with standard mode of application.

After many years of extensive R&D and testing in countries with extreme climatic and soil conditions, we were able to prove that the product increases yield and quality of the crops, as well as reduce expenditure for traditional fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides.

№ 1 Immunostimulant

  • 100% organic product

    100% organic product manufactured from highest quality volcanic rocks and minerals

  • Sourced from unique micro and macro elements

    Sourced from unique Austrian materials rich in micro and macro elements and excluding heavy metals

  • Innovative milling technology

    Using an innovative milling technology that allows the size of the particles to be reduced to nano level (50 times thinner than human hair), this product can be absorbed by the crops at higher concentration

  • Suitable for direct leaf application

    PANAMIN® Powder (0,1 – 6 μm) is easily soluble in water and suitable for direct leaf application. The release of CO2 speeds and extends the process of photosynthesis

Ingredients of Panamin and Their Function

We created something special by combining major ingredients like CALCIUM CARBONATE, MAGNESIUM CARBONATE, SILICON DIOXIDE with many micro and macro elements: POTASSIUM, ZINC, IRON, PHOSPHORUS, and the NATURALLY bound CARBON DIOXIDE from the unique Austrian deposits.

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